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Consolidated Savings with Cosmopolitan Travel Service

Cosmopoliton Travel Service (CTS Fares) has been consolidating the details of getaways for over 50 years. They work closely with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies to help the travel consultant and their clients save money. Their goal is to do good business, and help agents do good business in return; meaning that, not only do they provide some of the best discounts in the travel industry, the complete process of booking through CTS is transparent: mark-ups, net rates, and commission levels are all visible…even through the booking engine.

PictureCTS Fares is always on the case when there are issues, questions, or scheduling changes. With support available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, there isn’t a moment where they aren’t ready to help out with a problem that arises. Especially with their new robot, Cosmo. Cosmo is an online help-bot that will intelligently notify the agent’s customer, and the agent, of sudden schedule changes. It also consistently checks for lower fares, seat assignment preferences, and adds the agent’s business logo onto e-tickets for a more professional aesthetic.

The booking engine that CTS has created, which utilizes contracts with over 100 major airlines for exclusive discounts, is only for travel agents. The agent can book private and published commissionable fares, using a number of available options to customize the process to fit their agency branding. A white label B2BC2 option, which combines the forces of both CTS Fares and the agent, creates a powerhouse model of sales. CTS allows the agent to send itineraries to their customers with their branding, such as the logo of their agency. The booking engine is even mobile friendly, for complete convenience.

CTS Fares is always looking to what comes next in the growing field of technology, and always working with suppliers to improve the discounts agents receive for their clients. As the fastest growing consolidator in the United States, CTS Fares maintains one philosophy in doing business: you grow, they grow.

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