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Promote Yourself and Your Agency Like A Pro

Keeping in mind that visibility is your biggest concern, here are six reminders worth a little attention.

I was asked recently for some advice from a person who was starting to build a business from scratch. I thought that this very same advice would serve nicely as a reminder for those of you who are beginning to struggle a bit.

1. Determine your individual strengths. Your job will become much easier once you decide exactly what it is you do. What you are good at. Very, very good at.

2. Isolate those people and companies you have a genuine interest in. It may sound corny, but once you identify your targets, your life becomes simplified. You can make specific moves toward the fruition of a relationship. A letter? A phone call? A personal visit? An invitation? Maybe all of the above.

3. Put your credentials in writing. Right…wrong…or indifferent, people are more receptive to believing the written word. It is the “if it is in the newspaper, it must be true” syndrome. Document your successes. Your track record. Your satisfied customer list. Compile your favorable press releases and articles.

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4. Make contact. Don’t wait for others to make things happen for you. Get up, get out, and ring a few doorbells yourself. Go to luncheons. Go to meetings. Go to seminars outside the travel related arena. Take action.

5. Communications. Design a postage budget you can live with and begin to get the word out to the marketplace. Toot your own horn. I particularly like sending postcards. Keep the message short, but keep it consistent. It is recognized that it takes over five contacts before we begin to feel comfortable with strangers. I believe it. You should too.

6. Don’t quit.  If you are not a crook, and if you are in business to help people, don’t apologize. Just keep on looking for people who can use some help. And I personally don’t believe that there is a shortage of this type of person.

Mike Marchev

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