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Video Marketing (YouTube)

A few years back I offered a few simple tips to attendees at an ASTA Global Convention. Andrew Sheivachman shared these same tips in an article he wrote for The Travel Market Report. I stumbled upon this article recently and thought it might make for a good reminder.

On YouTube It Is Good To Be a Goofball

YouTube is the most popular video service on the web, with more than 1 billion unique visitors a month watching 6 billion minutes of video. But how can travel agents use YouTube to differentiate themselves and their businesses?

Mike Marchev implored agents to explore the world of online video – and have fun while doing it. And don’t worry about making it slick – in fact you want to avoid that, Marchev said

Here’s a roundup of his key points.

Use images with voiceover
“You can take your photos and speak into the microphone off camera, using voiceovers to describe what is going on in the pictures. Use music and pictures your clients like. You can even use Powerpoint and save it as a movie. Then make a voiceover.”

Don’t overproduce
“From a consumer perspective,

can go overboard and then it looks fake. Don’t think you have to become a polished actor. The more goofs you make the better you are, because people are attracted to goofballs.”

Keep it simple
“A talking head is you at your desk talking to a camera. You may be camera shy but it’s not something you have to prepare for – just say what you have to say. Give out tips because that is what viewers want to know.”

Be real
“I’ve seen a lot of cruise videos, and you only have to see one of those things before they all look the same. You don’t want that; you want your personality in there. Give me something real.”

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Use free software
“Use Windows Movie Maker – it’s free and you can download it. On Mac, you can use iMovie for free. I use Camtasia, which cost me a couple of bucks, but I like it because it’s easy to manipulate.”

Customize for individual clients
“If you have a particular client doing something, you can put together a quick video for their trip. Their video will say whatever you need them to know, targeted for their family. They don’t even need to go to YouTube; make a page on your website for their particular vacation, and then you embed the video on their page.”

Keep it short
“The first thing you do when you see a video is check how long it is. I may not watch a 30-minute video, but a two-minute video I can find time for. Get your information in and get out of there; leave a follow-up phone number and move on to the next video.”

Let loose
“One of the biggest mistakes people make in this industry is that people keep their true personality hidden. You are who you are! Life’s too short, let’s have some fun. Use a cartoon. Use what people are going to pay attention to.”

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at

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