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Your Customer Is Your Competitor’s Prospect

Read that again slowly, and think about those six words. In most instances, more energy is expended towards acquiring new accounts than it is for maintaining current relationships.

We all seem to want more these days: one TV is not enough, one car is not enough, one yearly vacation is not enough. There seems to always be something else we have in our sights. What we currently have never seems to satisfy us. More… more… more seems to be the answer.

And so it is in business. We want “more” customers and we are willing to fight for them if even at the expense of what we already have.

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My next customer (my current prospect) is your customer. And I am willing to fight for to make your prospect my customer.

I will fight harder to add their name to my client list than you will fight to keep your customer satisfied.

Don’t make this mistake. It is a huge error in judgment that simply does not have to happen. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Cement meaningful relationships, now… today.

Keep the wolves away from your door. Update your customer relationships now.

Mike Marchev

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