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9 sure fire bets to have your clients returning time and time again

You want to stay in business? Once you figure out your business, keeping in business is pretty easy. We all know that finding a new client is much more expensive than keeping an existing one. So, to keep the doors of your agency open, just follow these 9 simple tips. Really…they are simple. Really!

  1. Nurture Relationships. Don’t be a salesperson. Invest in the relationship and not the sale. Use newsletters that are targeted. Engage with your clients on social media. Let them know you are invested in them.
  2. Follow Up. This is a no-brainer, but after each sale, be sure to follow up. Even if you know a trip may not have gone as planned. Sometimes we need to take a bitter pill to get better. Ignoring a client after the sale will do much more harm—guaranteed.
  3. Say Thanks. Obviously you thank them for the sale…right? But look at other opportunities as well. Thanksgiving cards. Holiday cards. Does the auto-responder for your email distribution list thank them for subscribing? What about an auto-responder for email? Your voicemail?
  4. Be Reliable. Do what you say. Say what you do. It really IS that simple. If your clients learn to understand that you will follow through with what you say, they are likely to come back to you time and time again.
  5. Don’t Lie. In travel, sometimes the “S” hits the fan. Never try to hide it and always be honest. By working together with a client most problems can be minimized.
  6. Read Minds. OK, well that may be an exaggeration, but use the tools at your disposal. It is not coincidence that the Amazon ads for detergent pop up right after you were thinking about buying some. Use your CRM and anticipate what your clients might like. Got a kid about to graduate high school? Maybe a conGRADulations cruise. Did their daughter just turn 27? Maybe a reminder that you do destination weddings (if you do)? You get the idea.
  7. Man Up. When you screw up…and we all do. Man up and own the mistake. Everyone will respect you much more for it in the end.
  8. Be Real. Technology is fantastic. We can now communicate in ways that we never thought possible. But please do not put personal interaction on the back burner. Make a phone call. Scribble a note. Send a personally composed-mail.
  9. Surprise Them. And this one could cost some money, but deliver the unexpected. It could be a gift on board a cruise. A spa treatment at their hotel. A ride to the airport. A customer appreciation party. We all love surprises.

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