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A Great Idea, intelligence, determination and passion

Everyone’s looking for the next great idea. The one that will make their travel practice jump. The right niche, the next great marketing trick. The killer idea.

I understand the sentiment.

No doubt, ideas are important. You must have the right marketing to properly present your company, to make it take hold in people’s minds and develop into its own entity, to take on its own personality.

ThinkstockPhotos-468733197But, I ask you, is a great idea enough? Isn’t there something that comes before the idea, something that is equally if not even more important? I’d rather start with the right people. People with the right intelligence, the propensity for making things happen. People with killer attitudes.

Here’s the thing: you can give a great person a mediocre idea and they will do something great with it. On the other hand, you can give a great idea to a mediocre person and it will languish. At the end of the day, great ideas require the right people for execution. It’s not the idea that makes people work. It’s the people who make the idea work. Surround yourself with great people, that’s the surest way to succeed.

It is a real joy to work with smart people. You can give a smart travel professional an idea and they get it, know its value, and can understand how to implement it into their practice. Likewise, hand over an opportunity to a determined travel counselor, and then get out of their way. A determined travel professional is willing to do what it takes to build their practice. People combine the qualities of intelligence,  determination, and passion become top travel specialists. No excuses. Do or die, and with a smile.

Intelligence, determination, and passion — those three ingredients are found at the heart of every great travel practice. Those are not the abstract qualities of an idea, they are human traits, personality qualities. Such agents make a study of their practice an art, a craft. They are determined to succeed and their determination is both contagious and attractive because of their passion for travel.

Choose your associates carefully. If you work alone, be the person you must be to execute well. Dust off your attitude. Wake up, take charge, motivate yourself, learn from the best, keep moving forward. Renew your vow to be truly great at what you do. Take it on yourself to smile at clients, to be passionate on their behalf, and to bring all of your faculties to bear on every assignment. Clients are like everyone else: they enjoy working with enthusiastic, smart travel agents.

Cultivate those attributes, insist on being your best, and watch your practice grow.


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