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I was reminded of the power of “authenticity” this past week in an email arriving from a friend of mine who also happens to be the President of a speaker’s bureau.

In a back and forth communication (email ping pong), I shared my story for when people find themselves fretting about competition. I remind them that in my business my competition is anybody with a mouth. This usually draws a few chuckles from my audiences… but I am stone-cold serious.

Virtually anybody with something (anything) to say thinks they can compete for my lunch ticket. Scary but true.

In any event, my friend mentioned that she thought my competitive edge had something to do with what she phrased as “my authenticity.”

I assumed this meant that raised in New Jersey, being one of seven children, having a fair academic resume, being skilled at both throwing and catching a ball, being able to find the humor in most occurrences, having the friends and business associates I have, exhibiting a certain degree of emotional intelligence, and being married  to a wonderful woman meant that I was considered by some to be somewhat unique. The term referenced was “authentic.”

I am not inclined to define “unique” as “one of a kind.” I do believe it has a lot to do with being “real.” Perhaps “genuine” is a term that can be used. Being one’s self and, perhaps just as important, feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

If this is close to being the case, then I believe it is in all of our best interests to spend some time making the effort to pursue the only thing that differentiates us from the pack… our authenticity.

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Those who don’t understand the concept of success may define it as being big, brash, and bold. That’s not it. Success comes from being yourself; being real and keeping it real. In a word — authentic. That’s the ticket. Be authentic.

It is as true as rain that some won’t buy into your authenticity. If you are being true to yourself along with your family and your company, that will remain their problem. Your memory can be short and you don’t have to write any bogus scripts. Just be you. Good old, authentic you.

That being said, I do not mean to imply that being authentic means that you have completed your learning curve. A “take-me-or-leave-me” attitude may not serve you justice for too long. It makes far better sense to consistently strive for being a good old fashioned better you.

I’m beginning to pontificate. I’ll stop here. Be you. Be real. Be prepared to get better. Become authentic.

Mike Marchev

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