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Mental Trigger #3: Trust

Like many attractive personal features, trust is a concept that is easier pronounced than earned. You can’t ask for trust and you shouldn’t expect it without a lengthy track record. Trust, in the truest sense of the word, takes time to establish. It is the sum total of many small positive transactions which need to be tabulated regularly. You don’t earn somebody’s trust and then rest on your laurels. You must continue to maintain a trusting relationship day after day.

Trust can also be lost in a heartbeat. Although it may take hundreds of positive “touches” to earn, it can be lost with a single miscue or oversight. Trust is as delicate a human trait as there is.

Having established trust gives you the power to influence others. Trust permits you to recommend (and suggest) options to your clients and prospects that will be listened to and internalized more often than not. If you want to enjoy long-lasting relationships, it is imperative that you begin establishing trust. Start at once.

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When people I trust mention a certain book, article, or point of interest they feel I would be interested in, I follow their recommendation almost immediately. I trust them and their opinion and respond accordingly. That is way it works.

There are a number of ways that help build a trusting relationship.

  1. Being responsible. Don’t pass the buck or dodge the opportunity to be of meaningful service. After all, who is more qualified than you to “deliver the goods?”
  2. Being credible. Speak the truth. If you are not certain, take the time to find out what is fact and what is fiction.
  3. Being true to your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Period.
  4. Follow through. It often takes a number of contacts to establish a comfort level with your prospects. Stay the course.
  5. Showing genuine and sincere interest in the people you are speaking with. In order to become interesting, you must first become interested. (Get it?)

Trust Is Priceless. Don’t leave home without it.

Mike Marchev

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