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Play Detective With Your Local Newspaper

Reading your morning newspaper (digital or newsprint) can become a fascinating part of your day. That is, if you know what to look for and how to respond in an expeditious and meaningful fashion.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, after years of playing the doormat, finally positioned itself on the collegiate football map. In reading an article in the morning paper, I found myself focusing on a quote written by a fellow who apparently has a Rutgers-related football blog. It happened to be a quote I can use in future seminars. It really hit home with me.

It referred to finding ways to make your players felt good about themselves.

“The primary responsibility of a head coach is to do what is necessary to make his players successful.”

After all, isn’t it the responsibility of all managers to find ways for their employees to become successful? This particular quote fits many if not most managerial job descriptions. This quote is what I call a “keeper.”

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I spotted the name of the writer of this particular blog post and a little marketing creativity entered the picture. Follow my thought pattern and see if I can stimulate your own creativity and get your mojo humming.

  • Rutgers is finally receiving some positive press thanks to their football team.
  • People are jumping on the bandwagon.
  • This guy (the author of the blog) has a following.
  • I read his blog and posted a comment.
  • I do this for a few weeks, becoming a familiar name to him via his blog.
  • I write a personal email to him asking to meet for a cup of coffee informing him that as a result of his blog, I have a few ideas I would like to share.
  • His position, coupled to his distribution network, added to the Rutgers Movement might make for a Rutgers Group Cruise.
  • He is in an ideal position to serve as the “pied piper” for the group.
  • The distribution is in place. The pied piper is in place. The topic interest is in place. The cruise specialist (you) is in place.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when pursuing these types of opportunities. You won’t ever know where they will lead until you get into some form of blog motion.

Sooner or later, those affiliated with the Rutgers Movement are going to take a cruise. The question remains, will it involve you and your expertise?

Oh! And another thing. Tomorrow morning’s paper will contain another five opportunities just like this one.

Now, get out there and have some fun marketing yourself and your business.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at

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