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Tailor-Made Vacations with Canada à la Carte

Canada à la Carte is a supplier offering up fully-customizable and independent travel. Their goal is to help you create the perfect vacation in Canada’s most popular destinations. From mountains to historic cities to the Aurora Borealis, Canada à la Carte is ready to send the traveler on a journey into the scenic landscape of Canada.

Canada à la Carte’s most popular vacations showcase the diversity of what the traveler can experience. The Best of the Rockies package let’s the traveler embark on an 8-day rail tour that begins and ends in Vancouver. Along the way, the traveler will get to take in the majesty of mountains, forest, and stream – all from the panoramic view of a train trip. Northern Lights of the Yukon brings the traveler to the luminescent show in the sky, the Aurora Borealis. Here, the magnificent lights above create an atmosphere for any traveler to recharge their batteries. This 5-day tour also includes visits to hot springs, a stay in a rustic inn, and optional dogsledding tours. On the east coast, the traveler can explore the coastal beauty of Newfoundland with the Newfoundland Explorer Self Drive. With a full-size rental car provided, the the traveler is free to discover the fjords and mountains at their own pace. The tours included will enhance the experience of the area: whale-watching, national parks, and a relaxing boat tour of the coast.

Though these are some of the most popular vacations, Canada à la Carte has many more options for the traveler. All of their vacations can be fully customized, and they do mean all. No matter the destination, the traveler can vacation in their own way. Through these custom and pre-planned getaways, they want to share the beauty of Canada with the traveler with insights into the sites and a true experience of the land to remembered. They also have specialists to take care of all the hassle of a group trip, saving you precious time. So, when the traveler is considering a vacation to Canada, Canada à la Carte is the way to go.

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