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Tarek Adawy, EgyptAir Airlines, General Manager for US & Canada

PictureTarek Adawy is the Chief Executive in the U.S. & Canada for EgyptAir Airlines. Mr. Adawy overseas all aspects of sales, marketing and business development. He has had a career spanning 27 years with EgyptAir Airlines and has worked in all aspects of the industry. Mr. Adawy began his career at Cairo Airport and was quickly promoted to Network Operations overseeing scheduling and route analysis including the US market.

After this experience it was natural for him to be in charge of all aspects of Research & Development including Fleet Management. Before leaving this position Mr. Adawy recommended the purchase of new long haul equipment for EgyptAir’s long haul routes. The US market will benefit from this advice with the Boeing 787 operation starting in the Spring of 2019 on EgyptAir’s JFK/CAI/JFK route. His overseas experience includes management of EgyptAir’s South African & Iraq service. Personally, Mr. Adawy has a love of all things Tech and uses this personal interest to assure that EgyptAir is technically advanced.

Travel Research Online (TRO): You’ve been with EgyptAir for 27 years, in total. What about EgyptAir enticed you stay this long, working your way up?

Tarek Adawy (TA): To begin with, I’ve always been interested in aviation. Since I was a child, I had a fascination with planes and air travel. After graduating from Cairo University, the timing was quite fortuitous as Egyptair was expanding and there were opportunities available.


TRO: As Chief Executive of the United States and Canada, you are responsible for operations covering two large markets of the airline industry. Did you ever think you’d be here when you first started with EgyptAir?

TA: My experience with EgyptAir trained me for the position I now hold. I have worked nearly every job in the company starting with reservations and ticketing to gain experience in all aspects of the industry and to prepare myself for the job I now hold. Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.


TRO: How does EgyptAir work with travel agents to streamline the process of booking flights for their clients?

TA: As one of the first members of IATA, EgyptAir continues to upgrade technology in conjunction with our GDS partners creating a simple platform for the agent to not only book, price, and ticket; but to provide additional amenities for their clients. We are always interested in hearing from travel agents in ways we can improve communication and assist in making their jobs easier.


TRO: It seems, by your bio, that you have always been interested in the technological aspects of the industry. How has this shaped the way you manage your branch of EpyptAir?

TA: Technology is important but nothing is as important as the relationship I have with my staff. If people feel valued and are given respect and an opportunity to prove themselves, it creates an environment where success is inevitable.


TRO: Before moving to Chief Executive of the United States and Canada, you recommended that EgyptAir invest more into their long-haul fleet. What can we expect to see from these investments?

TA: In early next year we expect to launch the Boeing 787 in the US & Canada market. We are also ordering AB 330 NEO for the Gulf and European markets. In fact, we are upgrading our entire fleet – mid range aircraft ordered are the Boeing 737-800 and AB 320 NEO. Short range aircraft for our domestic routes will be with Bombardier planes.


TRO: It seems like you’ve done, pretty much, every job at EgyptAir. Which one do you think was the most challenging?

TA: That is really a difficult question to answer. Every position has its own challenges. I can tell you the most enjoyable position is what I am doing right now. It is a challenge but challenges are meant to be met and overcome.


TRO: Do you have a favorite band, or style of music, that you enjoy while being productive?

TA: My favorite band is Back Street Boys and I always get inspiration when listening to them. Of course, I enjoy many types of music R & B, Classical, Contemporary.


TRO: Does EgyptAir have anything planned in the future that we should watch out for?

TA: Absolutely, we have a large expansion plan for the US it will be a key market for EgyptAir. We are currently analyzing possible new markets – perhaps Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston……..the sky is the limit.

For more information about EgyptAir Airlines, please go to www.egyptair.com

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