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In the northeast of China lies a Jinan, the capital of Shangdong province. It has been called the “City of Springs”, due to the numerous artesian springs around the city and outskirts. It is a mix of nature and cityscape, with parks and temples alongside a minimal skyline. Thanks to, you’ll learn all about why Jinan is the perfect stopover when touring the Shangdong district of China.

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  • Of course, with a name like ‘City of Springs’, the traveler must see one of the 70 peaceful springs that bring artesian water to the surface. Most of the springs are located in the downtown district, which makes them easy to access. The most popular of these is the Baotu Spring, which means “jet spring” or “spurting spring”, in Baotu Spring Park. Water jets from the stream of artesian water coming from the aquifer have been known to reach heights of 26 meters. The water fills up a pool 30×18 meter pool that has structures of historical architecture along the sides. The Baotu Spring has been the subject of Chinese culture and literature for thousands of years. Baotu Spring is only one of the beautiful springs to be found in Jinan, which the traveler will enjoy from the pavilions alongside these wonderful occurrences.




  • Just north of the city is Jinan’s main natural and cultural landmark, the Daming Lake. Its name means the “Lake of Great Splendor” and is fed by the springs below. Dotting the lake are nine, small islands: Cuiliuping Island, Niaoqingqiqi Island, Guting Island, Mingshi Island, Huiquan Island, Huxin Island, Jiaxuan Island, Qiuliu Island, Huju Island. Around the lake is a park with numerous historical buildings and gardens, while some are on the islands on the lake. The Ancestral Hall of Lord Tie, located on the northwest shore of the lake, is dedicated to a Ming-Dynasty official named Tie Xuan for his heroism and loyalty in defending the city. The Pavilion Under the Moon, on the northeastern shore, is connected to a large hall by way of a bridge. This pavilion was also once used by officials as a means of escape from the city, as it has a tunnel that leads to the outer city. Beiji Temple, meaning “North Pole Temple”, is dedicated to Xuan Wu who is the god of the north.




  • A short distance from Jinan is Mount Tai. Mount Tai has been a place of worship for more than 3,000 years. It is the easternmost mountain of the five Sacred Mountains of China. The tallest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak, at 5,069. This mountain has been a place for emperors, writers, poets, and painters to seek inspiration and meditate throughout the ages. Located at the top and foot of Mount Tai are temples for the traveler to admire. At the foot is the Dai Miao, “The Temple of the God of Mount Tai”. This is the largest of the two and was built during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220AD). It resembles the imperial palace, with five major halls and surrounding buildings. The Shrine of the Blue Dawn lies near the top of the mountain. The traveler can reach this shrine by way of the 6,660 granite steps carved from the mountain. The view will astound the traveler and is worth the effort of this climb.




  • Nearby Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius. There the traveler will find the former house of the wise man, which was converted into a temple only two years after his death. It is the second largest historical complex in China, with a total of 460 rooms. There are 28 intricately decorated columns carved from one piece of rock, with dragons coiling around each. In the center of the temple is the Dacheng hall, which contains the “Apricot Platform”. This platform commemorates Confucius teaching his disciples under an apricot tree. The traveler can spend hours wandering the grounds and room of this important temple.

Unlike the more bustling side of China, Jinan is a calm reminder of living with nature and history around you. With the curved roofs of pavilions and clear springs, Jinan is a pleasant destination to stop in when experiencing China. That’s why wants to take the traveler to this amazing area, and show them the history and heart of China.

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