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The Waters of Akumal with Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

On the eastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula lies Akumal, a small resort town that is famous for its white-sand beaches. It is surrounded by multiple bays of warm blue-green water; perfect for snorkeling, diving, and leisurely swims. A postcard paradise that fits all the desires of the traveler looking to get away from the stresses of life. Thanks to Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, you’ll learn all about this beautiful destination and the historic sites surrounding it.


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Akumal, Mexico


Akumal with Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

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  • The town of Akumal was founded in 1958 as a community for scuba divers. It is part of the Riviera Maya region which includes other tourist areas such as Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun. The 5 km stretch of white sand beaches on the coast are a dream come true for the traveler, offering up a paradise of sights and activities on the Akumal Bay. The traveler will enjoy trips to the three bays in the area: Akumal Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Yalku Bay. In 2016, the coasts were designated as a marine refuge to protect the threatened sea turtle population.




  • Of course, being a beach, there is always the calm of sunbathing with a drink in hand. But Akumal is also known for many other activities. The snorkeling and diving around the Akumal area is world-renowned. All the elements are in place for amazing adventures in the warm waters off the coast. Snorkelers can swim with endangered, green sea turtles who flock to the area for its seaweed. Divers can catch a glimpse of colorful coral along the reefs, while tropical wildlife swims around them. There is also the number of cenotes, which are sinkholes containing clear water. These cenotes give divers an amazing cave diving experience unlike any they’ve seen.




  • Nearby sites of Mayan ruins are easily accessible by the traveler. One of these is the legendary site of Chichen Itza, whose name translates to “At the mouth of the well of Itza”. The well spoken of in its name can be seen from four visible cenotes, where the traveler can take a dip in the pure pools of water in these sinkholes. Though, the primary reason most travelers will visit Chichen Itza is El Castillo: a 98 ft-high step pyramid in the center of the ancient city. Even closer to Akumal is Tulum, another Pre-Columbian Maya city. Tulum is a scaled down version (though beautiful in its own right) of Chichen Itza and sits on the edge of a 39 ft-tall cliff overlooking the blue waters below.




Akumal is a picturesque place, one of classic Caribbean beauty and leisure. There is no doubt that the region is what most travelers are looking for. Especially when choosing the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort, one of the most esteemed resorts in the region. Made up of two hotels, the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach Hotel & Spa and Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa, the traveler has two great choices when visiting Akumal. Sirenis is ready to pamper the traveler with their five-star service and the surrounding paradise.

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Spa Grand Sirenis

A splendid geographical location between the Atlantic Ocean and a unique natural landscape dotted with cenotes, lakes and ruins, the heritage of one of the most ancient and wisest of civilisations… the Maya.

A 2800m2 Spa Resort in the heart of a Grand Hotel Resort, boasting the most sophisticated, complete facilities on offer in this tourist area.

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Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding Packages

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting married in an exotic place far removed from everyday life? The answer to that dream could well be found on the Rivera Maya, a setting as ideal as they come. In Mexico, on the shores of the Caribbean, you will find everything you need to declare your love and seal it for eternity in the presence of loved ones. Your ceremony will be a fabulous one, worth remembering thanks to the striking scenery offered by the Riviera Maya.  Here, you can exchange your “I do’s” with your feet in the sand and surrounded by Caribbean turquoise as the sea breeze rustles through the palms.

Grand Sirenis Rivera Maya Summer Savings

The perfect destination for a Family Vacation, kids can embark on exciting adventures while exploring the natural habitats of the colorful fish that live in the coral reefs located right off our beach, or the 5 ecosystems indigenous to the area, as they hike through paths of EcoSirenis.

Our young guests are also big fans of the Dolphin Discovery park, located right on property, where they can experience the thrill of swimming and interacting with one of the most intelligent aquatic species on earth. The Lazy River that winds through the entire Grand Sirenis property offers the perfect opportunity for kids to splash around and play while their parents float nearby on a tube for some quality family time!

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