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With Just A Little Coaching

One of my favorite seminar messages involves a well-known and talented golfer, and how the best in the business find time to practice and spend time with their coaches.

Ladies and gentlemen, the higher you climb on the success ladder the better the chance of having a coach. But more than just “having” a coach, it behooves you to “listen” to your coach. And better yet, do something with the new information, techniques, and reminders you are being introduced to.

Last Thursday I was speaking to a group of professional sales people and I asked them to go above the norm as it related to their effort. One person responded by reminding me that they work hard enough already and that their personal time was their own.

I wasn’t in the mood to go to task with this individual and I didn’t feel sorry for them. Nor did I think I was good enough or wise enough to reverse their thought process. Some people are satisfied with their current effort. Some people feel they are working at 100% full bore as it is. Some people are entrenched in denial and some people are simply not coachable.

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That’s okay. “It is all good,” as the saying goes.

That attitude and opinion is just not mine. I’m not implying that you give up your family life, your hobby of making wine in the basement, or pressing flowers. I’m strongly suggesting that your competition is lacking, and with a little more effort on your part; a little more speed, a little more creativity and a little more “you”; your future can be improved dramatically.

“But Mike,” what about my personal life?”

Of course I want you to find quality time for yourself, your family, and your friends. This is something you will have to budget on your own. But I will share with you the most important lesson I learned while training for The Ironman back in 1996: The mind quits first. You do have more time, energy and contribution to share with your audience. Please do not sell yourself short. You can do more with what you already have. It is up to you. The ball is in your court.

Mike Marchev

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