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Zermatt with Vacations By Rail

When the traveler arrives to Zermatt, Switzerland the beauty of its natural surroundings will astound. From the Matterhorn, whose sharp peak was the last of the alpine mountains to be conquered, to the car-free town below. Gorgeous and green in the summer, with serene snowfall in the winter – Zermatt is not to be missed by the traveler searching for a great destination. Thanks to Vacations By Rail, you’ll learn all about why the traveler should visit Zermatt.

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Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland with Vacations By Rail

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  • Zermatt is a small town near the southern border of Switzerland. It is surrounded by a range of mountains that are among the highest in Switzerland. The name “Zermatt” comes from the words “zer”, meaning “to”; and “matta”, meaning “meadow”. Though it existed as a village before the 19th century, the number of climbers aiming to reach the summit of the Matterhorn created a large tourist industry for mountaineers and skiers. Nowadays, Zermatt is an upscale town full of excellent resorts and trendy shopping areas.




  • Zermatt is the starting point for hikers, mountaineers, and skiers who wish to go out and experience the green hills and white-capped mountains. For those looking to hike the area, the Haute Route is a lovely path to take. The Haute Route (High Route) is 180 km and goes to Chamonix valley in France. This route can take around 12 days on foot, and around 7 days when skiing. Of course, the traveler doesn’t have to complete the whole route, but the option is there for the more adventurous. The beautiful flowering hills of summer await the traveler.




  • For the travelers who love to ski, this area is world-renowned for its powdery slopes and amazing sights. Zermatt holds a few records in regard to its skiing: highest ski resort in Europe, snow certainty, and snow 365 days a year. To carry skiers up to the slopes, there are cable cars and chair lifts that take the traveler to different heights. The highest of these leads to the Klein Matterhorn, a peak which sits between the Breithorn and Matterhorn at 12,740 ft. This peak is known for the clear views of all the land around the mountain range. There are four primary areas for skiing in Zermatt: Klein Matterhorn, Gornergrat, Schwarzsee, and Sunnegga. No matter the skill level of the skier, there are available slopes to cruise down.




  • Transportation in Zermatt is vastly different than other places. First off, the primary way of traveling to Zermatt is by train from the nearby town of Tasch. There are also trains that depart from Zermatt to farther down the valley, to Visp and Brig. Once the traveler arrives in the town, they will find that there are no cars within the city limits. This is a measure of the local government to prevent pollution that hinder the phenomenal view of the mountains around. However, the traveler will notice that there are horse-drawn carriages and shuttles with purely electric motors to move tourists around.


With so many options in Zermatt, it would be difficult for the traveler to not love Zermatt. Whether it be the sights from a train as they approach the jagged peak of the Matterhorn, or the quaint town in its shadow, Vacations By Rail wants the traveler to experience a slice of heaven on Earth.

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