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Beautiful Buenos Aires with ShoreTrips

Buenos Aires is a city made from the cultures and histories of other cities. It is a melting pot of regions, a blending of history and lineage from other places. Buenos Aires is not a city to skip on your travel list, and thanks to ShoreTrips, the supplier sponsor of this article, you won’t have to.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires with ShoreTrips

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  • Located on the western shore of the estuary of the Rio de la Plata you will find Buenos Aires: the most populous city in Argentina, as well as its capital. Buenos Aires stands as a multicultural city, as many different languages are spoken do to the diverse ethnic and religious groups found within its boarders. This makes the area a popular destination to visit, for it offers a range of culture to experience. One of the buildings that represents the city’s culture is Casa Rosada. Not only is it the executive office of the President of Argentina, but also the executive mansion of the President as well and also hails as home to the executive branch of government. It is easily recognized by the building’s shade of pink, and has even been declared a National Historic Monument of Argentina. Inside you can explore a museum that houses an array of objects that pertain to past Argentinian Presidents; the mansion also contains the Hall of Busts, which contains busts of presidents past made from different artists both nationally and internationally. This is just one example of the variance in culture found in Buenos Aires.




  • Playa de Mayo, which was the site of the Revolution on May 25, 1810 that led to independence, is another cultural spot to be seen in Buenos Aires. It is a central area of political life in Argentina, and many of the city’s popular landmark buildings and structures are found here (including Casa Rosada as mentioned above). Stroll through the square and take in the beautiful foliage that lines its streets. Because Playa de Mayo contains many of the most popular sights and landmarks in Buenos Aires you can easily spend more than a day taking in the history and culture of the square. The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is another must see historical building on your Buenos Aires vacation. Due to the building being rebuilt on multiple occasions, it implements many different architectural styles both inside and out; this is a feature that makes it a blend of histories past, and also quite unique. Inside the cathedral you will find frescoes along the ceilings of the building, as well as alterpieces and a Venetian style mosaic floor, which was added to the Cathedral in 1907. The oldest piece in the cathedral, and arguably one of its most important, is the colonial sculpture Christ of Buenos AiresThis sculpture dates back to 1671, and according to the faithful it is responsible for saving the city from a flood in the 18th century.




  • Branching from Playa de Mayo is Avenida de Mayo: an avenue that connects Playa de Mayo with the Congressional Plaza. Along this avenue you will find Palacio Barolo, a landmark office building in Buenos Aires that has also been recognized as a National Historic Monument. The building is home to many different companies and projects, spanning from travel agencies and architectural offices to law firms and accounting offices. One very interesting quality about Palacio Barolo is the structure in which it was designed; the architect responsible designed it in accordance with the cosmology of Dante’s Divine Comedy. This is another example of many different cultures and art forms that blend together and make Buenos Aires such an exciting place to visit. The building stands at 330 feet tall, or one meter for each canto in Divine Comedy (100 meters).




  • The Congressional Plaza that Avenida de Mayo leads to is another wonderful area in Buenos Aires that should not be missed on your visit. It is home to many different monuments and structures that embody the history of Buenos Aires as well as the culture. One of the most notable monuments found in the Congressional Plaza would have to be the third of eight casts of The Thinker made by Auguste Rodin. Another sculpture found in the plaza that you must see on your Argentinian vacation is the Monument of Two Congresses, which celebrates the centenary of the declaration of independence in 1816. Designed and constructed in Belgium, it was inaugurated in Buenos Aires in 1914, nearly a century after independence. Another monument worth seeing while visiting Buenos Aires, though it is not located in the Congressional Plaza, is the Obelisco de Buenos Aires. It is both a National Historic Monument and an icon of Buenos Aires. It has been decorated in many fashions to commemorate holidays as well as take a stand for other events like World AIDS Day, and the Christmas holiday.
  • La Boca is a neighborhood located in Buenos Aires that has a distinct European feel to it, another example of the many cultures found in the city. It is definitely an area to take a pass through on your trip to Argentina’s capital city. Home to a bustling pedestrian street and many brightly colored houses, La Boca is a popular destination within the city of Buenos Aires. Spend an evening at one of the many Tango clubs, or see a show at the La Ribera theatre. The Japanese Gardens of Buenos Aires are another wonderful blend of culture found within the city. With koi fish, an island with bridges, and a nursery where you can look at and even purchase bonsai trees, the Japanese Gardens are a lovely taste of other worldly cultures. Created to be a peaceful and harmonious environment, it is the perfect spot to visit in Buenos Aires when you become exhausted with the crowds and hustle and bustle of the more tourist-centric areas.
  • The bar and restaurant scene in Buenos Aires is of notable mention. With a plethora of places to choose from, and flavors from all over the world, be sure to take some time on your Buenos Aires getaway to explore the culture through your stomach! Ocho7Ocho was the first speakeasy in the city when it first opened, though it has since fully opened its doors to the public. Serving up masterful cocktails that often include alcohol that honors the city’s heritage (Fernet, Pineral, etc.)  you can’t go wrong with a drink at Ocho7Ocho. La Cabrera is Buenos Aires’ most popular steakhouse, and if you are looking for a large filling meal, it is the place to be! Serving up giant slabs of meat with varied side dishes, La Cabrera offers some incredible happy hour specials and prices. You practically get more than what you pay for with a meal at La Cabrera (just think of the leftovers)! If you have a large group that loves sushi try to grab a meal at Omakase, if you can find it that is. Hidden behind a secret door located in a local wine bar, Omakase serves a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors on a fixed menu of Nikkei.

Buenos Aires is a city that blends many different cultures, making it unique in ways you never would have thought. Do not miss your chance at the Argentinian vacation of your dreams by skipping over Buenos Aires!


Learning the ups and downs of Argentine cooking is not just about the food. In this program, you will learn about the etiquette and traditions that hide behind the famous Creole empanada. All cultures have something similar to this small pie. Empanadas can be traced back to Spain, and each segment of Spanish society has their own version.


El Viejo Almacen is one of the most traditional show houses in Buenos Aires. It is a place with more than two centuries of history. Every night its doors open to welcome outstanding personalities of this century and to showcase the city’s most prominent interpreters of the tango.


Begin at Tigre Delta–one of the most attractive areas in the region with its rivers, streams, and numerous green islands–and then move on to the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, the center of political, economic, and intellectual life of the country.

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