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Bliss in Barcelona with ShoreTrips

Barcelona is seaside city on the northeast coast of Spain. It is known for its unique culture and excellent cuisines. The city shows architectural designs from over 2,000 years. From ancient city walls to the Gothic quarter to the iconic cathedral that juts from the center of the city – Barcelona is a magnificent city to behold. Thanks to ShoreTrips, you’ll learn a little about why the traveler should take a holiday in beautiful Barcelona.


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Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain

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  • Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain. Since then, many cultures have left their aesthetic mark on the city. Considered one of the most culturally rich cities in the world and always in the top tourist-visited cities, it leads the way in the world’s major global cities. Barcelona is a celebration of music, food, drinking, and culture.




  • Barcelona has diverse areas for the traveler to experience. The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) is the centre of the old city in Barcelona. Featuring smaller streets lined with medieval architecture, strolling through this labyrinth of planning leads the traveler along a historical path. Those same small streets open to squares where travelers and residents take in the scenery. The Gothic Quarter’s charm is magnified by limited car traffic allowed in the area. Also in the Gothic Quarter is the imposing La Sagrada Familia, started in 1882. It is a large, cathedral-like Catholic church that the traveler can not miss. The Sagrada Familia is designed in the vein of Spanish Late Gothic and Catalan Modernism, giving it a unique look of Gothic spires with a more rounded look.




  • Of course, most travelers will want to visit the Mediterranean beaches that lie along the coast. Most of them feature the calmer blue waters common to the Mediterranean area seas, with white sands and cliffs breaking the slow tides. These beaches are close to the city, making them highly accessible for the traveler. The more trafficked beaches with most going on are Barceloneta Beach, Nova Icaria beach, and Castelldefels Beach. The less populated, and calmer, beaches include Bogatell Beach, Ocata Beach, Caldetes Beach, and Garraf Beach.




  • Barcelona is also known for its art and modern architecture, including the works of Picasso. In fact, there is an entire museum dubbed the Museu Picasso. The Museu Picasso houses the most extensive collections of the well-known artist Pablo Picasso (4,251). The museum is comprised of five medieval stone buildings with preserved courtyards, galleries, and staircases. It is not only an important showcase of Picasso’s work, which captured Barcelona’s soul, it is also tour through historical buildings.


  • For the traveler who enjoys the taste of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a dream come true. Dubbed Catalan Cuisine, Barcelona’s primary ingredients include: tomato, garlic, eggplant, artichoke, capsicum, bread, pasta, olive oils, beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, cheese, lamb, types of pork preparations, and fish. Much of the food served in this region is fresher than the traveler may be used to, which will delight the senses and make the mouth water.

There is no shortage of amazing sights to see in Barcelona. From Roman and Medieval walls to towering cathedrals to seaside relaxation – Barcelona should not be missed by the traveler. That’s why ShoreTrips wants the traveler to know that they offer up the best of Barcelona in many different ways.


This all-inclusive, 4-hour wine and food walking tour is organized for lunch or dinner. You will visit four of Barcelona’s most interesting and exciting wine bars in different neighborhoods for wine tastings of whites, rosés, reds, and cavas from around Spain.

You’ll walk to establishments in the neighborhoods of L’Eixample, Raval, Gothic, and Born, and also stroll through Las Ramblas.


You will find your guides are dedicated to two things – Barcelona and biking. In this relaxed mode of transportation, you will be able to see a bit more than the average walking tour and connect with a local who can really give you the inside track on the city. You will be outfitted for a comfortable ride before setting out on one of the most original itineraries of the city.

In a small group, you will set out and ride to the Gothic Quarter of old Barcelona. This is the medieval heart of the city dating back to the Romans. The history of this area is fascinating. The old cathedral, mainly 14th and 15th century Gothic, is a central point in this neighborhood.


Barcelona is one of the most unique cities in the world and to only see a bit of it would be an injustice! This small group shared tour will start the day with a drive to Montjuic hill, providing an excellent panoramic view of the city. From here you will drive through the Olympic facilities area until you arrive at Palau Nacional. This architectural masterpiece was the primary spot for the 1929 International Expedition and perfectly showcases Plaza de Espana and its “magic fountains.”

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