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Care and Comfort with EgyptAir

EgyptAir was the first airline Middle East and Africa, starting operations in 1932. Though they may have been the first, but their fleet shows otherwise with one of the most modern fleets in the airline industry. In the 86 years since their start, EgyptAir has grown significantly and garnered many awards. With their connections, networks, and being the only non-stop carrier to Egypt from the US; this growth doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon.

PictureEgyptAir’s fleet currently consists of 76 aircraft flying to over 70 destinations. These flights include their leading Business class accommodations, as well as Leisure travelers. Their Business class accommodations include an award-winning and relaxing ride with lumbar massage seating and catching up on much needed sleep on a fully flat bed. While their Economy class seating is designed for comfort as well. These accommodations are increasing with the order of 45 new aircraft in the coming two years: B787 Long-haul, b737-800 Max, and A320 Neo. All of this on top of the fact that they run daily service from New York (JFK) to Cairo ensures their place as the gateway carrier to Egypt.

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Being part of Star Alliance gives them many connections in the industry. These include faster and smoother transfers, frequent flyer programs, upgrades, awards, lounges, and Gold and Silver Status rewards. This ease of travel is applied to more than 18,800 daily departures to more than 1,217 destinations in 193 countries.

EgyptAir has high standards when it comes to providing travelers with comfort and excellent service. Their goal is to apply this to every part of a traveler’s flight. This makes EgyptAir the leading airline for Africa and surrounding areas.

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