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Dazzling Douro Valley with Back-Roads Touring

The Douro Valley, also known as the Alto Douro Wine Region, lies northeast of Porto, Portugal. It is a fertile and mountainous region along the Douro River, which runs through Spain and Portugal. The valley is winding, with terraced fields of grapes covering its elevated sides that decline straight into the Douro River. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place to sip a bit of wine and enjoy vistas with a panoramic views of lush mountainscapes.

PictureDouro Valley is subdivided into three subregions: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo, and Douro Superior. Each subregion has its own slight variation of the Mediterranean climate prevalent throughout the area. These areas are known for producing Port wine but produce just as much non-fortified wine. Evidence of winemaking in the area dates back to the 3rd and 4th century, giving it a rich history of doing what it does best.

PictureThe Traveler has many options getting around the Douro Valley. One of the most popular is by boat. These trips along the calm Douro River give the traveler a humbling view of the terraced mountains as cruise along. The rabelo boat, a traditional Portuguese cargo boat, is a popular and interesting way to cruise t Douro River. Especially give that is native to the Douro region, and does not exist any other place in the world. The traveler can also traverse the area by train on the Douro Line, which provides unbelievable views of the countryside along its winding path.

Of course, no trip to the Douro Valley is complete without visiting the vineyards where their famous wine is grown and made. Many of the vineyards have walking tours of the grounds, tours of the wine making and aging areas, and often a wine tasting from vistas that offer up unforgettable scenery.

Douro Valley is often considered an enchanted valley, full of beauty and magic. That’s why Back-Roads Touring wants to take the traveler off the beaten path to this stunning landscape. Their tours are made for the traveler who wants to see more than the surface of place – to truly experience a destination through the eyes of the local.

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