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Experience China with ChinaTour.com

When it comes to dream vacations, many people have put China high on their wish lists. Whether it be sightseeing around Beijing, cruising the Yangtze River, or walking the Great Wall – China has much to offer the traveler. For all of this, and more, you can look no further than ChinaTour.com.

Chinatour.com has been providing in-depth and trusted tour in China since 1996. They are originally based in North America (Diamond Bar, California). But this hasn’t stopped them from having many connections in the China travel industry, with an office in China to ensure quality and great customer service – even abroad. This makes them the perfect bridge between the East and West, and the most knowledgeable on the ins-and-outs of travel in China. Their high-quality of service is a standard model for how they operate, as well as backed up by being a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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A full-service travel operator, they begin the process by meeting the traveler at the airport to escort them to their hotel. From there, the fun and cultural awakening blooms into a fantastic trip. Bullet train travel to Shaolin monasteries, Beijing, and Tibet let the traveler see all-natural beauty in between cities – as well as major landmarks. River tours of Yangtze (upstream or downstream) show the traveler a slow cruise through mountains, forests, and other magnificent settings unique to China. Chinatour.com is not only the expert in tours throughout China’s exotic culture (to the West) but they also offer up packages in other parts of Asia: Seoul, Bali, Bangkok, etc.

Chinatour.com’s team is always trying to improve how they give the traveler a chance to truly experience China. Chinese history experts, local cuisine lovers, experienced trainers, and local guides all work with Chinatour.com to create the perfect itineraries for travelers interested in China. ChinaTour.com – Where China is only a click away.

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