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Intimate Cruising with Victory Cruise Lines

Victory Cruise Lines has only been in the cruise game for about three years now, but that hasn’t stopped them from forming some of the best boutique cruises on the market. Their all-inclusive cruises are built for a smaller, more intimate, and sophisticated experience. Victory I and Victory II, the total of their fleet, are built for the sole purpose of enriching the travel experience on a level that will show the traveler that there is much more to cruising than simply arriving by boat. As top-quality shore excursions, port experiences, food, beverages (yes, that includes alcohol), and hotel services are all covered on the all-inclusive cruises they offer – Victory has the sophisticated traveler covered.

Victory’s ships are made for the Great Lakes cruises and are the only all-inclusive itineraries on the classic American coastlines of the Midwest. Their 10-day Great Lakes Grand Discovery cruise is the perfect way to experience the beauty and history of Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Toronto, and much more. In those 10 days, the traveler will also traverse all five Great Lakes. With stops in more ports than anyone else in the region, the traveler is invited to be part of shore trips that let them play and learn. Each itinerary is carefully planned to enrich the traveler’s understanding and enjoyment of the world around them.

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Recent and upcoming itineraries are adding new options for the traveler. This July, Victory has introduced a cruise from Montreal to Detroit. The new addition showcases the French Maritimes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Set for this coming February is a new cruise for the Winter season: A Cruise and Land Safari to all three states of the Yucatan on Victory II. This upcoming diversification of what they offer is sure to show the traveler a good time.

One of the itineraries that personally caught my attention was their Cuba cruise. Cuba has become a hotspot for travel, especially cruises, since it has opened to the citizens of the United States. Victory’s smaller ships are perfect for getting the traveler to areas other than, say, Havana. Though, they do show the traveler Havana, there is so much more to Cuba. Depending on the itinerary, the traveler can choose to spend multiple days ashore while enjoying and learning about Cuba. This is enhanced by Victory’s shore time being the highest rated experiences, and that they spend more time in Cuban ports than any other cruise line. Their experts on the culture of Cuba will entertain and educate, while the traveler circumnavigates Cuba’s gorgeous coastlines and feasts on some of the best cuisine the country has to offer.

With our recent interview with the CEO and President of Victory, Hans Lagerweij, we got a first-hand look at the inner workings of the cruise line. From the importance they put on working with travel agents to exceeding the expectations of customers, Victory Cruise Lines has the ambition and drive that creates an in-depth experience for the traveler. Victory offers much more than mentioned above, which is why you should check them out at

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