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Marketing Mistake #13: You Think Like an Order-Taker, Not a Marketer

There a number of ways a travel agency can stay in business and grow their asset. But, there is only one “fast” way to go out of business without unnecessary stress.

Here is the fastest way to go out of business: Wait for the phone to ring and then answer it like you really don’t care. Among all of the available options here is the surest way to maintain a growing business: Make it your number one objective to make your phone ring. Then answer it like you are happy the person thought enough of you to call.

“Making things happen” is an old saying that simply will not go out of vogue.

Here are a few reminders that you can take to the bank. It involves demonstrating the personality of the true marketer.

(1) You want mail? Send more mail.

(2) You want more calls? Make more calls.

(3) You want more e-mails? Send more e-mails.

(4) You want more action? Create more action.

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I guess to borrow from an old worn-out saying, “You will reap what you sow.”

However, you must be emotionally savvy enough to realize that you will not only reap positive benefits. Along with your activity comes a fair share of negativism.

To stay on point, marketers accept the responsibility to create an atmosphere that is conducive to building sound meaningful relationships. In other words, marketers create their futures. Order takers rely on and adapt to the current situation as it presents itself.

There is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, but it certainly is not a sure-fire way of building a business.


Bottom Line: Make things happen. Allow your competition to assume the role of “order takers.”

Mike Marchev

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