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Marketing Mistake #14: You Don’t Use “What’s Next?” Thinking

This is the second-to-last reminder in our marketing mistake avoidance campaign. This mistake infers that you see every piece of the business puzzle as an end to itself. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is a simple example.

You are introduced to an upcoming wedding and have been asked to help coordinate the honeymoon. You see a “honeymoon package” as a single product. A one-off opportunity. This is shortsighted. Not realizing it at the time, you are short-changing yourself big time.

On the other hand, a true marketer sees the Honeymoon as just the first step in an eight-step selling sequence. Here is what I mean:

Step 2: A future vacation package. Based on your service excellence this could prove to be an annual affair.

Step 3: A ten-year anniversary package. Not enough couples stop long enough to appreciate the importance of a ten-year trip. This could be positioned as your second honeymoon.

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Step 4: Another vacation package.

Step 5: A 20-year anniversary package. Honeymoon #3.

Step 6: A vacation package.

Step 7: A trip back to the homeland. Now that you have a little savings in the bank it may be time to trace your heritage.

Step 8: A 50-year anniversary. Who would have thought?

And as long as the couple remains healthy, you may very well be planning for their centennial beer bash. (To do this you must remain healthy yourself.)

Remember the hardest sale is the first sale. The second sale to the same buyer is extremely meaningful. The most profitable sale begins with #3. Your strategy as you approach the first honeymoon is to arrive at sale number three and beyond.

Mike Marchev

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