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Marketing Mistake #4: You Have No Marketing Plan

I don’t want you to jump ship on this one. Very few people in business today have a marketing plan. Most well-intentioned folks have a “wing-it” plan. They have a “we try harder” plan. They have an “I’m a nice person so I deserve success” plan, and they all call them Marketing Plans. No such luck!

The reason they don’t have a plan is because in order to have a marketing plan, they must know what “marketing” is, or means, and how it works. They don’t.

This does not make them bad people. It does make them struggling people in need for some degree of direction.

The term “sales” and “marketing” are often used in the same sentence implying they are one and the same, if not similar. They are not. Before referring you to my 12-Word Marketing Plan allow me a little space to shed some light on these two topics.

If you want to dumb this thing down, marketing can be thought of as “setting the table.” It involves becoming visible to the audience you want to target. It involves pre-qualifying you as a supplier of meaningful services. If you need just one word to define it, you can use the word PREPARATION.

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Sales on the other hand can be thought of as “eating the meal” previously prepared. It involves honest communication between a buyer and a seller with the common goal of solving the problem at hand. Selling has evolved over the years as more and more information has become readily available to all interested parties via the Internet.

The differentiating skill now involves asking the right questions and unveiling active listening. Active listening results in a meaningful recommendation taking all salient points into consideration.

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