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Offering More with DSA Vacations

Dream vacations, and their destinations, vary greatly in the spectrum of travelers. Finding a supplier of vacations that span a large portion of the world and have cater to different styles of travel can be difficult. This is one of the many things that DSA Vacations does well. With vacation plans for southern and eastern Africa, the Americas, and Asia; and types of travel ranging through safaris, family, culinary, and adventure travel; DSA Vacations is there for the traveler and the agents they trust for their dream vacation.

Established in 2001 by Terry von Guilleaume, a South African living in the United States, the company initially focused on trips to trips to Africa. DSA Vacations has had an award-winning history since its founding. They were one of three US tour operators appointed by FIFA to develop and sell packages for soccer fans for the 2010 World Cup.  For this, they were awarded the Ubuntu Award by South African Tourism as the top producing 2010 World Cup Tour Operator. In 2012, South African Tourism also awarded DSA the Ubuntu Award for “Best Value Money Packages” to South Africa. These accolades, combined with their partnerships with South African Airways and Emirates Airlines, show a company that is capable of handling what the agent and traveler need.

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DSA offers a wide range of vacations for the traveler. In Africa, the offer up vacations to countries like Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and many more. Their packages in the Americas include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador. While Asia vacations include destinations such as Japan, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, and much more. Not only have they widened their scope in destinations, they also have packages in almost every type of travel. Whether the traveler is looking for a culinary, adventure, a rail journey, or safari vacation – DSA has them covered. They also have romantic and honeymoon getaways for couples. And, finally, groups can head out on small group tours or family vacations.

One aspect that DSA Vacations is particularly proud of, and rightfully so, is their DSA Pays it Forward charity program. When DSA first started the program, it was to empower African women unable to supply for themselves because of strict societal rules against women. Seeing this need, they set up community gardens that gave those women sources of food and economic growth. Once they’d accomplished this they saw the need for a new section of the program to offer relief to children. They introduced relief for babies with HIV/AIDS, and orphanages that would provide shelter and education for other affected children throughout Africa. They raised more than $100,000 from generous donors for that philanthropic venture.

DSA Vacations is where the agent will help the traveler get to their dream destination. Working with the agent is key for DSA, as they have 24/7 support set up to assist with any issues. Their agent portal allows an agent to easily arrange a fantastic vacation through DSA. The world is open for travel with DSA Vacations.

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