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Pristine Sights with Australis

Far below the equator, at the edge of southern South America, lies one of the purest landscapes on Earth: Patagonia. Australis has obliged the traveler with the knowledge and sights of this pristine area since 1990. They’ve navigated Patagonia with respect, minimizing the impact tourism has on the environment. This adheres to their high standards of operation, in taking care of the traveler and the environment.

Australis has a small, yet versatile, fleet. Their twin ships, Stella and Ventus, are specially designed to navigate the areas that other cruises can’t. From September to April, their fleet is ready to take the traveler on wondrous journey to the “end of the world”. Offering up 4 and 8-night expedition cruises, the traveler will witness a labyrinth of fjords that jut from the sea and finally to the legendary Cape Horn. Through excursions and dry landings via Zodiac boats (a sturdy inflatable raft with a motor), the traveler can see firsthand the majestic sites in Patagonia. Tierra del Fuego, the Strait of Magellan, and the Beagle Channel. Along the way they will find massive glaciers greater in beauty than the imagination can conjure, forests and exotic flowers, and Magellanic penguins waddling their way across beaches and ice.

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The world-class service available on their fleet while navigating is enhanced by the knowledgeable staff, who provide the traveler with extensive facts about this unique part of the world. Each of their ships has a capacity of 100 cabins, making the journey more personal that larger cruise lines. Every cabin is spacious, carefully decorated, and has a panoramic window. Lounges are provided for travelers from all walks to share in their excitement of the experience.

Australis wants the traveler to have its cake and eat it too. They want their expedition cruises to be exciting, fun, educational, awe-inspiring, and an experience that the traveler will never forget.

Want to know a bit about their team? Check out our interview with Expedition Team Leader, Marco Gallo.

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