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Sales Mistake #5: Seeing The Prospect As An Adversary

Biting the hand that feeds you makes no sense; it never has and never will. Treating a customer as the enemy is…dumb. Don’t be dumb.

As ludicrous as this sounds, the “me against you” selling mentality is often the case. Sales shouldn’t and cannot happen this way. It does not have to result in a win-lose outcome. After all, it is not a game to see who can outsmart whom. It is supposed to be a game where everybody wins.

How can anyone think negatively about the person who is responsible for their eating habits? Prospects will only become return customers if and when they are treated properly. Isn’t it the customers who make it possible to pay your bills? Without customers you do not have a business.

So, here’s a clever idea: Let’s badmouth our customers and show them what a lousy attitude looks and sounds like every opportunity we get. I’m sure you will agree that this makes no sense. Yet more often than I like to remember, I have heard agents speak negatively about certain clients. I would not allow this to happen in my company.

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It is unequivocally true that the customer is not always right. But is just as true that the customer is always the customer, until you do something to change that relationship. And one other thing, it is the customer who carries the wallet.

Let’s get something clear: Prospects having passed from the suspect stage are good things. Talk to them as if they are good things. Treat them with respect as if they are good things. Behave in public as if they are good things. Why? Because they are good things.

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