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Sales Mistake #7: Not Taking Detailed Notes

The combination of age and information overload is a recipe for pending disaster. Relying on memory is a mistake of huge proportion. Here is the long and short of it: Write everything down. Take notes. Do not depend on your memory.

Memories are becoming shorter as the list of concerns grows longer. Nights are for sleeping, not tossing and turning trying to remember if you have forgotten some important issue for tomorrow’s sales presentation, or your best client’s family vacation.

The master at this was a client/friend of mine. This man was running a $150 million company and he forgot nothing: Paul had a mind like a steel trap. Or did he? He was the best I knew of for not “dropping the ball” while juggling a great many of them at any single moment in time.

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His secret was no secret. He disciplined himself to write everything down. He wrote everything down and he didn’t throw the notated reminder away until he felt that he had received complete satisfaction…by his definition.

Once the task was appropriately addressed, complete, or formally delegated, he took the piece of paper and ripped it into tiny shreds before throwing it away. This effectively cleared his mind for the next task. When this guy crosses something off his list, it stayed crossed off.

I am certain that today’s reminder is not news to you. In all probability you already know the power of documentation. I fear however, that although you know it you are not practicing it to the extent that it deserves. Taking notes works.

Write things down and give your memory a much-needed rest.

Mike Marchev

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  One thought on “Sales Mistake #7: Not Taking Detailed Notes

  1. John Frenaye says:

    True story. Our President does that as well. When a task is complete, he rips the paper. Only in the White House it is considered a “Presidential Document” and must be preserved. So, there are people at the OEOB whose sole job it is is to tape together torn paper from the President!

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