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A Double Whammy: Two Hiccups Worth Noting

I was reminded recently (twice) how life can be portrayed by the sine wave. This curve has been mentioned in my live programs for years and recently, it made the headlines.

The first example comes by way of a horse. A very fast horse. A very beautiful and elegant four-legged creature who goes by the name of American Pharoah. (Spelled wrong, correctly.)

Once upon a time American Pharoah overcame incredible odds by winning the Triple Crown. This was the first time this had happened since Affirmed won it in 1978.

Here comes the wake-up call: American Pharoah “lost” at The Traver’s Stake race later that same year (2015). A sure thing was not to be.

Lesson: Even the best in the business can’t win them all.

The second head-scratcher came from the Garden State at a PGA Golf Tournament (Edison, NJ). Jordon Spieth, the #1 golfer in the world and the well-spoken, polite, young man that everybody had come to love and admire, failed to make the cut after Friday’s second round of The Barclays. Earlier this year he won The Masters at the tender age of 22. He soon rose to #1. On Friday he left the clubhouse without fanfare.

Lesson: Even in the golf business you can’t win them all.

Both of these highly trained and super athletes fell short of the expected mark. Both were trained to win. Both were capable of winning. Both were expecting to win. Both lost.

What does this have to do with you and your business? Plenty. (No, I am not calling you a loser.)

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Your business requires a huge investment of both time and money to succeed. There are no shortcuts to reach the top. The pain and early-going frustration you experience in the beginning is sure to wane as you polish your trade; but your ”going down” you will soon be rising again. As you begin climbing up toward the winner’s circle, you are sure to soon experience a dip in performance. In baseball this is known as a slump.

It happens to the greats, and it will happen to you. You can count on this as sure as you count on the sun rising each morning.

Here is where the story takes two turns: Jordan Spieth will be back hitting golf balls before you know it. He will learn what he can from this week’s wake-up call and be stronger than ever. I am certain this particular failure will help improve his game.

As for the pony, he might not be lacing up his running shoes again. In fact, the decision now is whether to keep on running or to be put out to pasture to serve as a stud. (Yes, even polished athletes have to call it a day when aging muscles fail to follow mental instructions.)

In both instances, I found myself sharing in the disappointment. But in both instances, I was reminded how life works and how the sine wave influences our lives.

Perhaps the crooner Kenny Rogers sang it best when he reminded us: “You have to know when to hold’em, and you have to know when to fold’em. You have to know when to walk away, and you have to know when to run.”

You and I are not ready to be put out to pasture. Let’s just keep running.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at mike@mikemarchev.com.

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