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Iguazu Falls with Aerolíneas Argentinas

Located within the Iguazú National Park, Iguazu Falls offers several trails and railways with phenomenal views of its 275 individual waterfalls. The diverse wildlife and beauty of the park moved the UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site in 1984. The largest waterfall system in the world, Iguazu Falls is consistently recognized as one of the most outstanding of nature’s wonders. Though the Iguazu river flows mainly through Brazil, over 80% of the falls are located in Argentine Province of Misiones. With a name consisting of the Guarani or Tupi words for “big” and “water” Iguazu Falls is a destination experienced travelers place near the top of their lists of “must see” adventures. 

The waterfalls can be accessed from both Brazil and Argentina. The Argentinian side features longer walkways that provide closer views of the waterfalls, so this is recommended for more experienced and ambitious hikers. The Brazilian side compensates for guests facing mobility difficulties, as ramps and elevators have been constructed among the trails for equal viewing opportunity.  Exotic birds, wild orchids, colorful butterflies, and other rare plant and animal species populate the trails.

On either side of Iguazu Falls you will find a park: the Iguazú National Park on the Argentine side, and the Iguacu National Park on the Brazilian side. These parks have both been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and offer excellent views of the falls. At the Iguazú National Park you can travel through one of the smaller falls of the Iguazu river on a safari boat ride, a thrilling experience. One of the most interesting parts of Iguazu Falls is The Devils Throat, which is where approximately half of the water from the falls flows. It is also the divide between Brazil and Argentina, and there are walkways to its corners.

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Iguazu National Park spreads over 212 square miles; and their are many attractions to hold one’s interest. Many opt to ride the Rainforest Train offering a relaxing form of transportation, and restrooms, gift shops, and bars are located at each station for convenience and concludes at the Devil’s Throat.

Although Iguazu Falls is the main attraction between the two parks, there are still a plethora of beautiful wildlife, flora, and fauna to see on your trip to the falls. Having the opportunity to witness such breathtaking geographical beauty is not a chance to pass up, and thanks to Aerolíneas Argentinas you won’t have to.

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