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Sales Mistake #9: Lack of Focus

Most agents feel the reason for their lost business is either a mistake or something beyond their control. I am afraid, my friends, that both these reasons fail to paint an accurate picture.

Some smart guy who has time on his hands has figured out (probably thanks to a government grantor his doctorate thesis) that 68% of lost business comes from a simple lack of attention. “Are you telling me, Mike, that my lost business is my fault and that it could have been avoided?” I believe I am.

You can counter this statistic by paying some focused attention to current customers, people on your prospect list, and a handful of lost customers who you still care about.

The selling profession runs rampant with “hit and run artists.” It is a costly practice. Think about it: You spend endless hours investing good money after trying badly to schedule face time with some stranger. You finally say and do what it takes to establish some degree of rapport. For any one of a million reasons, the client chooses not to do business with you. You drop them like a hot potato. Not much logic here, folks.

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I recently received a phone call from a woman who I used to do business with years ago. She was responding to a postcard I sent to her a week earlier. I was just keeping in touch. My timing was perfect. She called me and gave me the name of the person I should be speaking with if I was interested in earning a little money. (There is no such thing as “a little money. Money is money where I came from.)

Is this the only time a random postcard has worked some magic for me? Not on your life. I can recall a number of occasions where my touching base with “former clients” resulted in a solid lead for new business.

I’m getting tired of my banging my fist on the table on this subject, but I am going to do it one more time. DON’T GIVE UP ON PAST CLIENTS. Contact them. Don’t quit on them and don’t quit on yourself. Persistence works when administered properly. It works. Do it!

Focus on what counts.

Mike Marchev

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