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Taking the Journey with Central Holidays

Central Holidays began its operation in 1972. Since then, they have adapted and evolved with the travel industry throughout the many changes over the years. These 45 years of service in helping the traveler experience the world include travel programs to ever-increasing selection of destinations around the world. The award-winning service of Central Holidays proves the passion and authenticity of how they treat the traveler to amazing experiences.

PictureCentral Holidays prides itself on personalized service, making this their self-proclaimed trademark. This personalized way of interacting with, and creating, the traveler’s itineraries comes from a staff comprised of travel pros that have intricate knowledge of destinations: attractions, food, hotels, excursions, and custom requests. This is shown through the high number of travelers that use Central Holidays again and again, making repeat business a staple of their model.

Their services are varied, and in fact, there isn’t much they don’t offer the traveler. They work with river cruise companies to carry the traveler along some of the most iconic waterways in the world: Christmas cruises in Germany, to take in the lights and merriment of the holiday season; the Nile River, where ancients cities and glorious pyramids await the traveler; the Amazon River, a natural wonderland of exotic sights; and the Danube, where the traveler slowly cruises by the castles and small villages of Europe. The other cruises they feature, ocean cruises, take the traveler to the Galapagos Islands for viewing nature at its finest, and to the end of the world where Patagonia sits in wait for the explorer-minded traveler.

The destinations and packages that Central Holidays offers span from the romantic to the luxurious. For instance, the many offerings for the traveler to see one of the most sought-after countries in the world – Italy. From Tuscany to Rome, even Taormina in Sicily, Central Holidays has tours that wine lovers and culture addicts will fall head over heels for. Other areas that they cover include the Mediterranean, Africa, West Asia, Latin America, and the currently popular Cuba.

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Central Holidays is also proud to offer the traveler a luxurious plan of travel that are part of Luxury Journeys. These hand-crafted journeys are made to pamper the traveler with experientially rich events and lodging. The traveler will revel in the amazing food and wines of local, renowned restaurants with culinary experiences for their pleasure. They will enjoy VIP access on tours like the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, where they skip the large crowds for a moment to reflect on one-of-a-kind art from the masters. They will relax in a leisurely way, overlooking rolling countrysides, sipping on some of the finest wines in Italy.

Central Holidays has created their tours and destination packages with the traveler’s experience in mind. That’s why that want you to consider giving them a call or email to start the process of helping your traveler see the world in great hands. As their motto goes, “Affordable luxury, destination expertise, and the most diverse range of packaged as well as customized travel offerings…Central Holidays gives you more!”

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