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Talking About Tokyo with ShoreTrips

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan and the most populated city in the world. It brings up visions of neon lights shining on technology beyond what other parts of the world can only gawk at in amazement. Though these aspects are present, Tokyo is much more than robots and a colorful cityscape. Thanks to ShoreTrips, today’s 60-Second Geography is all about this metropolis that has one foot in the future and one in its past.


60-Second Geography

Tokyo, Japan


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  • Tokyo is considered a city and a prefecture at the same time. The primary part of its territory covers 770 square miles, or 23 central wards. On the outskirts of this primary section are many small towns, villages, and islands. A small fishing village called Edo until 1868, Tokyo became the official capital of Japan in 1868. Since then, the population in the Metropolis area has grown to 13 million people – 39 million in the overall prefecture. It has become one of the leading innovators in technology and commerce in the world. The metropolitan prefecture has a varied landscape running throughout its borders, including mountains in the west, dense city near the east of the island, and subtropical islands to the south.




  • Though the city center can appear to simply be hustle, bustle, and lights galore; there are many parks, green spaces, and traditional areas. One of these is Yanaka, Tokyo’s most traditional district. Being one of the few areas that wasn’t firebombed during World War II, the traveler will get a feel of old Tokyo. Narrow streets take the traveler past artisan shops containing ink prints, pottery, textiles, wood carvings, and restaurants serving traditional-style cuisine. But, the real star of Tokyo’s cultural feel is the Ueno district. Ueno is known for sites that capture the classic sight of Japanese culture. The Tokyo National Museum, built in 1872, is not only the largest art museum in Japan but among the largest in the world. The museum’s collections are focused on ancient Japanese art and Asian art from along the Silk Road; though, the traveler can also acrhaelogical objects of Asia as well. Ueno also has many temples and pagodas harkening back to the old days of Japan, like the Benten-do Buddhist temple and the Pagoda of Kan’eiji. The traveler can also take a stroll under beautiful cherry blossom trees along peaceful lakes and ponds.




  • Tokyo has an almost endless amount of choices for the traveler looking to shop for cultural items, fashion, and food. In the heart of light and cityscape lies Shibuya. A major commercial centre of Tokyo, it is also the youth fashion and culture center of Tokyo. There the traveler will witness the unique culture of Japanese youth expressing themselves in colorful fashion. The traveler will also find neon-lit streets that have multi-way street crossings that can sometimes have hundreds of people crossing a five-way intersection, a true cultural experience that can not be experienced anywhere else in the world. There isn’t much the traveler won’t find here, so they are free to shop till they drop.




  • Of course, no trip to Japan is complete without tasting cuisine that has been centuries-old in the making. Though Japanese cuisine is largely based on seasonal ingredients, the seafood lover will be heaven when visiting Tokyo. From raw to grilled, fish is prepared with the utmost care to make mouths water in anticipation. Seafood and vegetables are also deep-fried in a light batter as tempura. Ramen, inspired by Chinese cuisine, is a light alternative to other foods available from restaurants and street vendors alike. This soup-like dish is wheat noodles in a fish or meat-based broth containing everything from pork, to seaweed, and other meats.


Japan is on the top of most travelers’ lists, and for good reason. It is a country with a distinct identity and image, the people are genuine in their courtesy, and Tokyo is the center of these traits. ShoreTrips is ready to take the traveler on tours to showcase everything they well need to truly get their trip’s worth in Tokyo. Let them know how they can help you organize the perfect trip to the land of the rising sun.

Pop Culture in Tokyo

You cannot help but notice the contrast between the young and the old in Tokyo. Though not all the those who are members of the older generation are illiterate to the new world of pop culture, and it is true that not every person under the age of 30 is immersed in anime and manga, but the involvement is clear as you walk the streets.

Begin this tour with your guide using public transportation, in itself a novelty for those not used to the discipline of this country. You will begin at one of 3 of Tokyo’s centers of youth fashion and pop culture by arriving in Shibuya. This is the main center for youth fashion and culture, whose streets are the birthplace to many of Japan’s fashion and entertainment trends.

Traditional Tokyo Tour

Hearing about the transformation of Tokyo’s Shiodome district will leave you amazed at the turnover amongst its infrastructure. Originally a flooded marshland separating the Imperial Palace from Tokyo Bay, Shiodome has transformed into one of the most modern regions in all of Tokyo and has been booming since the start of the 2000s. From entertainment complexes to business super centers, this 11-part district continues to gain attention from metropolises around the world! Make sure to enjoy the view while approaching the towering skyline before the skyscrapers swallow your panorama of the surrounding area.

Tsukiji Fish Market

If you think Pike’s Place Market in Seattle is impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet! Handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day, the Tsukiji Fish Market offers a wide variety of sights, sounds, and smells that will capture your senses and invigorate your day. With a guide by your side the whole way, you will start by exploring the wholesale area which represents the main hub for buyers and sellers. As trucks whiz by with hawkers shouting at the top their lungs, you will develop a new appreciation of this historic trade that has greatly shaped the area. By the time you arrive, most of the local workers have already been there for 5 hours!

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