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#2: Repetition Works

I have often reminded you that visibility is perhaps one of your major concerns. People can’t possibly decide to work with you if they do not know you are alive. Tell them once, and they will soon forget. You must devise a plan to remind them on a regular basis.

But you must be careful not to cross the line and become obnoxious. Your audience is just as busy as you are and they too have much on their to-do lists. Becoming a pain in the neck (even a mild one) is not in your best interest.

The secret is to remain visible over time as you continue to offer value to your prospects and customers. If you continue to give them information that is useful to them by their definition they will be glad to hear from you and your mission will be accomplished.

At times you can even send out the same communication. Here is an example.

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Each time I send out a duplicate invitation for one of my webinars, I receive more registrations. I also receive one or two requests asking to be taken off my list. This is OK. In fact, the faster somebody asks to be taken off your list, the better off you are. You do not want to talk to people who have no interest in you or your service.

How often can you contact your prospects? When asked this question, I often waffle at my response. It depends on what you have to share in the form of value, and how urgent your information is. It also depends on your current relationship with the person.

In this age of competitive “noise,” I try to contact my prospects a minimum of 6 to 8 times a year. This is not a rule written in stone. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that once is enough, and that more often will bother people.

It is your responsibility to remain visible. Repetition works.

Mike Marchev

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