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#6: The Hook

Proof that this is an effective concept occurred just yesterday. My phone rang and in the initial sentence I heard the words “University of Massachusetts”. I paid attention.

Since UMASS was my alma mater, I continued to give the stranger my attention and a little more time. He spoke. I listened. There seemed to be a mutual self-interest as he informed me of the “method to his madness.” He came across as a gentleman. We communicated.

Long story short: We will soon meet for a cup of coffee as two independent business professionals with no particular agenda other than to get to know each other. His call worked. And it had everything to do with the “hook.”

Does the “hook” work every single time? No, it doesn’t. But it does happen more often than not with no apparent downside when it does fail to work.

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Make no mistake about it. It was a long shot that gave this conversation a chance in the first place.

Before your next sales call, take the time to identify the “hook.” You will improve your chances for success by 63.45%.

Before I leave you to your chores here are a few ideas of future hooks you can consider: Alma Maters, hobbies, pets, vacations locals, resident states, choice of music, culinary preferences, police records (just seeing if you are still with me), friends and acquaintances. You get the idea. Use the “hook” wisely and prepare to establish more meaningful initial communications.

Mike Marchev

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