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Don’t Sell Trust Short

I was reminded recently how this thing called “trust” really works. Trust is an intense concept. It takes months if not years to establish…and only milliseconds to destroy. Once you have it however, you become an authoritative figure worth listening to.

My Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Group features an “open” phone call now and then where members get to talk, share, and collaborate.

During one of these calls, I asked who was reading what. One in the group said this word for word: “I have just finished reading the best business book I have read in the last ten years. It is titled WORTH EVERY PENNY By Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck. I think everybody in the group should read this book.”

With that recommendation, four people on the phone began multi-tasking and ordered the book on line. I was one of them. The recommendation was right on the money. In less than 24-hours I am half-way through the book and enjoying every idea on every page. (Thanks to my Kindle!)

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I will give you a hint. It is about getting paid what you are worth. This is a very intriguing subject in the travel industry. Very intriguing indeed. It involves Boutique thinking. I loved this mind-set.

But today’s message does not involve hawking books, ideas, or concepts. My lesson today is to impress upon you the power of trust…and how it works. A book was recommended without force and a handful of people responded immediately. How did this happen? It happened because we trusted the person making the recommendation. This is POWERFUL my friends. POWERFUL.

Once you establish “trust” with your prospects, customers, friends, and family, all you have to do is share your opinions. They in turn will listen, and act accordingly. (Not always.)

Once you have established trust however, you must walk your talk very carefully. People will be watching you … and listening to you. It will become imperative that you “deliver” something worth watching and listening to. Keep in mind that a hard-earned trust can be lost in a blink of an eye. This puts enormous pressure on you to “stay the course.”

1-2-3 TRUST. Game on.

Mike Marchev

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