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Coaching Works

A huge difference between amateurs and elite performers is that the elite performers sought out teachers and coaches while they were still amateurs. They worked hard at getting better and they recognized the value of working with a coach.

The more skilled a person is at their craft, the more likely it is that they have a coach to guide them. This goes for Olympic Athletes, pro football players, musicians, TV celebrities, movie stars, and singers.

Criticism vs Coaching

All serious “competitors” as well as diligent “students” know and appreciate the difference between criticism and coaching. At virtually every award ceremony, it is the coach who is publicly recognized early in the acceptance speech? (God and parents round out the big three.)

If this is the case (and it is the case), then why do so many entrepreneurs shun the idea of soliciting assistance from others who have a thorough understanding of how to build a successful career? I’ll answer that! (Money)

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I think I know the root cause of this counter productive behavior. There are a number of travel agents who do not truly believe in their value. They are not convinced that they could improve their value if they introduced a few new and exciting business-building strategies. In addition, they do not see the value of “going to school” on somebody else’s experience. Or, on the other hand, perhaps they simply are not “coachable.” They feel they already have all the answers and their current lot in life is as good as it could possible get.

Bottom Line: Think like the pros. Find a coach. Not just anybody. Devote some time and effort in finding a person who you can identify with and who “speaks your language.” Then listen to your coach. Work with them. Practice what the coach tells you. Become the best in your business.

Mike Marchev

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