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The Feeling Was Palpable


Don’t you love it when you wake up and realize that what you were just experiencing was a nightmare? I know I sure do. I am awake. And it never happened.

We are all victims of habit and in my dream. I arrived on a flight and while waiting for my bag on the carousel I realized that only “one” bag had arrived. I always just travel; with one bag. One bag and one carry-on.

In staring at a stopped luggage belt, when I realized that I did not remember checking in my second bag. On this trip I had two bags and a carry-on. I must have left it at the coffee shop. Or in the cab. Or at the ticket counter. After all, I only ever travel with just one bag.

The feeling that rushed through my body (in my dream) was palpable. (I am not sure if palpable fits here, but after I finish writing this I will go look it up. I do not want to lose my train of thought.)

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I dodged the bullet this time, but this exact scenario could very well kick in someday down the line. For me. For you. For your clients. (We can all blame it on age if it makes us feel any better.)

I am sharing this with you because in my case there was no loss at the end of my story. In your business, this can turn out quite differently unless YOU play center fielder for YOUR clients and make sure THEIR habits and momentary loss of attentiveness does not cost them more than a lousy night’s sleep.

With an upcoming trip to France, don’t think for a minute that I am not saving this nightmare to my memory for future recall.

There are even movies about this scenario, but the stakes are larger. Some people forget their children, or pets.

Have a great weekend. I know I will now that I am awake. I have a feeling this is going to be a great Saturday.

I used the word palpable correctly …. whew!

Mike Marchev

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