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The Paths of Limburg in Belgium

The Limburg region is a peaceful area that spans across the borders of Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. It is a place of calm and peaceful atmosphere, stone bridges that lead into historic cities, and rolling greens surrounding old villages. The Limburg region of Flanders has the some of the most scenic and safe rides in the world, whether it be for leisure or sport cycling.

PictureThe cycling routes around Limburg run almost 2,000 km, or 1,243 miles, of safe and well-marked paths. The traveler has many choices when planning to do any of the various routes that make up the journey. They can bring their own bike, pedaling the miles away in comfort. They can rent a well-maintained bicycle to take out on the beautiful trails as well, which includes e-bikes, tandem bikes, cruisers, and sport bicycles. The best part, 40% of the paths are completely car-free and the other ones are low traffic roads that leave the routes to mostly bikes. The network of cycle routes is consistently kept up to high standards for a smooth ride.

PictureThe traveler will find many interesting points while cruising through the forests and hills, including quaint B&B’s to stay the night in, local pubs to catch a cold one, museums, and even a path that cuts directly through a pond. ‘Cycling Through Water’ is an inspiring trail that is 212 meters-long and 3 meters-wide path going along the bottom of a pond, while the water sits behind a wall at eye-level for the traveler to enjoy. Here, ducks and other water fowl go about their daily business while the traveler gets to experience the excitement of unique path creation. Over 500,000 cyclists have enjoyed Cycling Through Water since it was opened in April 2016.


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