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To Sell Is Human: Attunement

It was an excess of assertiveness and zeal that led to contacting customers too frequently. Extroverts, in other words, often stumble over themselves. They can talk too much and listen too little… which can be read as pushy and drive people away.

To Sell Is Human, Dan Pinker, pg. 83


It has been believed for years that in order to succeed at sales an outgoing, people-oriented, fun, and vivacious personality would be considered a plus. It was believed that successful sales professionals had one thing in common, and that was the “gift-of-gab.” They could mix, mingle, connect and influence just about anybody at a moment’s notice.

As consumers were given access to more information and became smarter as a result of their own research, less weight was placed on the extrovert when it came to selling. In fact, today’s successful sales professional might be better off if they exhibited a little more introversion.

Introverts talk less and listen more. They are interested in the person they are speaking with and realize they can’t learn anything new while they are talking.

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The pushy, aggressive, master of the “close” salesperson has become yesterday’s news. The Internet has leveled the playing field and has removed the need for the “answer man or woman.”

Slow down. Back off. Take a breath. Ask more meaningful questions and take the time to listen and internalize the feedback coming your way. This is the key when it comes becoming the best in your field.

That is the secret today. Slow down. Stop talking. Start listening. Begin selling.


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