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Don’t Make This Harder Than It Needs To Be

When the topic of visibility comes up, I am often asked how an agent can remain “visible” without appearing obnoxious. That is a good question, but one which does not have a finite answer attached to it. My answer with a following explanation: “That depends.”

If you are pounding on your keyboard and sending email after email with nothing but a plea for business, you are certainly painting a picture of continuous disappointment. If you are attempting to gain entry into your prospect’s world by over using the pronoun “me” or “I”, you might as well turn in your IATA Card and start networking more diligently via your LinkedIn account.

Your strategy according to me, until you come up with a better idea, is to supply information on a topic of interest to your prospects with no strings attached.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but I will focus on one of the most logical and well-received visibility strategies in today’s missive. THE Q&A Column.

For the sake of example, let’s select ocean cruising as our topic of interest. The first step is to brainstorm a number of questions potential first time cruisers may have. Many of these have probably been asked of you before, but many more could have been left unsaid.

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Question: “I heard there is nothing to do onboard on sea days besides eating and gambling. Won’t I get bored?”

Question: “If I don’t like crowds and I prefer scheduled activities do you think I can still enjoy a cruise?”

Question: “Can’t I just buy a cruise on-line?”


These three questions are meant to stimulate your thinking. I am sure you can come up with many more questions.

Now, type a single question next to a giant Q: and immediately following it, next to a giant A: address the question in your own words based on your personal experience.

Insert your name, company affiliation and an up-to-date flattering photo of yourself and BINGO…you have a Q&A Column ready for distribution. In two weeks, forward question #2. Followed by #3, #4, and #5-20. Be sure to space your distribution out so you do not come across as over-bearing.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. You remain visible while educating your target audience.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at

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