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I Like To Win

This is a three-day week. It is the period between two highly recognized holidays…Christmas and New Years. It is perhaps the ideal week to sit back, draw a deep breath and take inventory while mentally preparing for another 12-months of ups, downs, smiles and tears.

Allow me to wish you a belated Merry Christmas if the shoe fits. If the shoe does not fit, I hope you enjoyed December in whatever way you chose to celebrate the season.

I would like to take this quiet week to remind you of a fundamental truth that I have been sharing with travel professionals since I entered the fray in 1984.

I am reminded of the late James Snyder who was better known as Jimmy The Greek. The lawyer turned TV Sports Commentator Howard Cosell once asked the Greek what he liked best in life. Jimmy responded without hesitation. “Howard. That is an easy one. I like to win.” Howard followed with, “Jimmy, what do you like second best in life?”  The response came just as quickly. “Howard, I like to lose.”

The message was clear to me at the time although it probably confused many in the audience. Jimmy liked THE ACTION. Win, lose or draw, it was the action that drew Jimmy The “G” to the tables and to the betting window. It was the joy of playing, risking, watching the chips fall where they may and knowing that the thrill of victory was just a few rotations of the dice or wheel away. He was “in” the game.


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And so, it is with you my friends. Or at least it can be. Are you in the game enjoying each and every twist the fickled arm of fate is throwing your way? Are you enjoying the wins and learning from your loses? Are you surveying the game board, gently blowing on your dice and watching them tumble?

All year long, I have been writing to you (and for you) as if you were a dyed-in-the – wool entrepreneur. And if this is the case, with another New Year looming large, it is time for us to renew our vows declaring ACTION as our middle names.

Let your industry competitors oscillate their enthusiasm by responding to the Dow Jones, the weather report or the media pundits raising their red flags. Not me. Not you. Not us. We are going to suit up and assume our positions on the playing field in 2019 and create our own personal fortunes.

You can be sure that every play will not result in a touch down or even a first down. Some plays will even result in lost yardage. But, we will be in the game and enjoying each and every minute of it.

It is time to wipe the slate clean and launch into the next four quarters of challenges, near misses and successes. To close with yet another sports phrase: “The ball is in your court.”

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at mike@mikemarchev.com.

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