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Little Things Are Big Things: Part Three

I hope you are beginning to get the message that creating a business, (or life) worth living is not as hard as many people are currently making it. You don’t want to get off the world. You want to hop on. Reference to the roadway play, Stop The World I Want To Get Off.

Here are three more little things that will soon prove to be big things.

“Stop The Bus” Headlines

“Stop the bus.” What does that mean? We can agree that the number of emails entering our inbox seems to be growing exponentially every day. How in the world can we get our message across to our targeted audience? How can we avoid the DELETE button?

One way is to make sure that the message we are sharing is worth reading. But, if your target does not read your message all is for naught. So, what must we do to get them to open our emails? The answer: Write an eye-catching “headline” in the subject box.

This is easier said than done and takes a great deal of creativity, and often times imagination. Your headline (subject box) must grab the reader’s attention. It has to “stop the bus.”

Example: Three Must-Do Tactics To Make Sure You Stay In Business For The Next Ten Years.

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Read Non-Industry Magazines

If you are the serious travel professional I think you are, you are probably reading the industry e-zines, newsletters, blogs, and periodicals. I would expect nothing less.

But, I have another idea for you: Read a few magazines and articles from industries outside the travel arena. You will see how others do things, and address many of the same issues you are confronted with. This is a refreshing way to stimulate your thinking and your imagination.

Always write a “PS”

PS stands for post script and can be found at the bottom of many letters. The single reason why you should write one is because the recipient of your letter will read it…100%. Make sure you write something important in your PS, because this is what your reader will actually read.

You can prove this for yourself. The next letter you receive, tell me that you did not read the PS if there was one. I already know the answer. You can’t do that. You WILL read the PS. I rest my case.

Mike Marchev

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