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Little Things Are Big Things: Part Two

As promised, I am back with a few more reminders on how to put a little meaning back in your life. If you remember, I referenced the Broadway Play, Stop The World I Want To Get Off, in my last missive. Today, I am strongly recommending a different mindset. “Stop The World, I Want To Get On And Play A More Active Role.”

I will try to keep today’s messages to around 350 words.

Expeditious “Follow-Up.” Procrastination may be on top of the list when it comes to popular practices. “I will get to that tomorrow.” “Next week is soon enough.” “That can wait until I get back.” I am not recommending that you dodge hither and yon as a result of your latest email or phone call. Focus is what will “lead the way.”

Follow–up is what will “make your day.”


Pad & Pencil by Every Phone…and Your Bedside. How many times have you been on the phone with someone and they ask to put you on hold while they go find a pencil? I am guessing…too many times. I fear you may be pulling this stunt as well. Chances are that the majority of phone calls require some form of note taking. You know it. I know it. So why not prepare for it?

The same need for documentation occurs at three in the morning when you wake with a career altering idea. You swear you will remember it come morning, but alas, it is gone as quickly as you start snoring again.

Message: Pencil and paper placement where you need it most.


Wreck the Books You Read. This reminder does not pertain to fiction. But when you are reading business or self-development books, I want you to underline meaningful passages (according to you) and then document the page number on the back of the cover of the book. In other words, I want you to make your own personal and meaningful table of contents for future review.

Do what I do. Write in the margins. Underline. Circle sentences. Draw arrows. Fold pages. Even tear some of the pages out of the book and insert them in your wallet. Internalize the message in any way that works for you. Start wrecking your books.

Tomorrow I will have more little big things.

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