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Sky Bird Travel & Tours

Sky Bird Travel & Tours has been an industry leader in airline consolidation for over 40 years. Starting in a small office building in downtown Detroit, Sky Bird rooted its mission in providing exceptional customer service to travel agents by connecting them with low net fares that weren’t available to the public. Today, Sky Bird has 11 offices throughout the United States along with offices in Canada, India and the Philippines in order to serve their clients on a broader scale. For the last three years, Sky Bird has been nominated for and taken home the Travvy Award for Best Airline Consolidator (silver in 2016, and gold in 2017 and 2018).

An understanding of sometimes hectic and unconventional schedules has driven Sky Bird to harness a full-service approach, offering travel agents 24/7 customer support; service in over 25 languages; access to its tours division, Sky Vacations; and a Groups Department that specializes in managing groups of 10 or more travelers. Sky Bird also constantly brainstorms ways to better its users’ online experience, and launched significant updates in its WINGS booking engine and website within the last year.

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The Sky Bird Advantage with WINGS

WINGS serves as a one-stop shop for travel agents to book and manage their clients’ flights among Sky Bird’s 90+ airline partners. Travel agents can register for free and, upon approval, they can use WINGS to:

  • Search and compare net and published fares simultaneously
  • Display and manage existing bookings
  • Secure flight reservations
  • Request changes and cancellations online via the new portal
  • And more!

The ability to compare net and published fares across multiple airlines gives travel agents more control over their commission by allowing them to determine their markup. By viewing net and published fares side-by-side, agents are capable of setting a markup that earns them commission while still getting a good deal for their clients.

The New and Improved

In line with enhancing the online user experience, the company redesigned its website,, to deliver a more comprehensive explanation of how working with an award-winning airline consolidator like Sky Bird can benefit a travel agent’s career, whether they’re new or have been in the business for a while. Visitors can easily navigate services and benefits of using Sky Bird, along with office locations and up-to-date industry knowledge via its blog.


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