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A Reminder From Talk Show Host — Larry King

I may be dating myself on this one, but I will give it a shot knowing that many of my readers do not know of or have ever heard of Larry King. In a nutshell, he was a TV interviewer who invited famous people to his show to entertain viewers wanting to see behind the curtain. It was a good show. Similar to today’s night-time shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth McFarland among a host of others.

Here is a message I received while watching Larry King one evening a few years back:
Think about the other person while showing empathy.

If you do the kind of work that requires you to interact with others while trying to establish good working relationships, you’re not going to get far if you cling to fixed ideas, showcase your own worldview, or become prickly when provoked.

Larry King found success by practicing a combination of empathy and impartiality once said, “There isn’t a soul who won’t talk to you if you are sincerely interested in that person, but you have to create empathy.” I’d like to remind you that most people have the inane ability to detect BS or lack of genuine interest. I used to give women the upper hand in this department and referred to this talent as a “Creep-O-Meter.” This was not a slur. Women can just detect jerks a lot faster than men can.

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Back to King. What is it like to step on a stage? What is it like to be known by everybody? What is it like to run a company? What is it like to take five kids to Disney World with the youngest being two years old on a limited budget?

You could just as well say, “Your family will love it and people in your position somehow manage. Have a great time.” But, a business as usual attitude won’t get you far in this game. Larry King reminded us that, “Even if I have a guest on the show whose views are contrary to mine, he’s still the guest.”
And so it is with you. Your customer may not always be right but, until you decide otherwise, they are still the customer.”

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