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Award Show Wisdom

This is the time of year where awards are given out for different reasons by different people—to different people. It is also the time of year where people complain, whine and find excuses why their “favorite” actor, song, play, movie or TV Show did not win a figurine. Isn’t public validation an interesting phenomenon?

This is also the time of year to roll out the Red Carpet and attend a few late night cocktail parties hosted by Vanity Fair so E-Entertainment has something to talk about in their next show.

Admittedly, these types of shows do not hold my interest and I find myself writing future articles, like this one while my wife points out the upsets to me.
My question is: “Why do they pull the hook on some people faster than others? They all say the same thing.

I remember the time when some seemingly attractive winner looked legitimately surprised and pleased that she had won. She had my attention, until…she dropped an “F” Bomb which was silenced thanks to a ten second delay. I found this to be incredible. Her big night. One of our cherished celebrities. This reminded me that the clothes don’t make the woman.

I found myself thinking about a number of travel industry functions when someone dressed to the nines opened their mouth and promptly put their foot in it. Professional wanna-bes and crass people apparently are not limited to Hollywood.

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Allow your competitors to sound like “one of the boys.” Don’t mess up your big night. Opportunities to position yourself as “one of the exceptions” do not grow on trees. Some things are difficult if not impossible to unwind, or bleep out. Do your homework. Prepare your thoughts and weigh your words wisely. You don’t want to have people questioning your work, your background or your up-bringing.

I remember watching another winner reading her speech word for word. I’m sorry. Saying “thank you” does not need a crib sheet. (No, she was not reading names…just stuff nobody was listening to.) Ladies and gentlemen, if you have something to tell someone, look them in the eye and tell them. We will take it from there.

And speaking of speaking, I am reminded of one of my favorite reminders: “ Don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.”
What award show is coming up next? I can hardly wait.

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