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I Like It Here

I like it here. Now. Today.

Although I haven’t seen it (yet), I am sure heaven is everything it is cracked up to be. In fact, I hope to find out firsthand some day. Just not now or, hopefully, not in the near future.

What I am suggesting, and I say this with all sincerity and respect, is that perhaps you are now in a place worth being in. It is only human to seek more at the expense of taking what we already have for granted. Maybe, just maybe, your current existence isn’t quite as bad as it sometimes seems. What I do know is what I get to see, experience and enjoy on a daily basis. And from my viewpoint, after “bebopping” around my section of the world for a number of years, my immediate environment isn’t too shabby.

My world…my immediate game board…is more than just okay. I like it. But, this feeling did not come without a little bit of work, effort, planning, failing, risk-taking and yes, a little luck.

What exactly do I like about it? Here are just a few of the things I enjoy on a regular basis and quite frankly, I am not sure if any of these are available in heaven:

Roses; well-manicured professional baseball fields; cold beer; entrepreneurship; holding hands with your significant other; puppies; dogs of all sizes; petting anything with four legs and a heartbeat; fluffy, white clouds against a blue sky; stars by the zillions as seen from a mountain top; sailboats; tv shows that actually make you laugh; reading a good book; playing with your MacBook Pro; a good prime rib; a newborn baby; a good laugh; an unexpected back massage or neck rub from my wife; picking or strumming my Martin guitar; riding my tractor; taking a walk; pontooning on Lake Otsego; applause; writing a blog post; playing a tune on the piano with somebody actually listening; I could go on, but I think you are getting the picture.

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Getting away from the material side of things, I enjoy helping people, and heaven knows there are enough people in this world in need for a little help. More importantly, I enjoy hearing the words “Thank You.” More than that, I like saying the words “You’re Welcome.”

If we can somehow manage to get through life’s small challenges and booby-traps, one has to admit that we are all in pretty good shape. And if this last sentence sounds a bit pollyannish, I am betting you won’t trade your problems for your neighbors’.

I tell you this today because until you get to experience the options firsthand, today is all you have. Now, is all there is. So, doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the here and now while the enjoyment is ripe?

If you are beginning to agree with my logic, then I challenge you to start wearing your upbeat, positive fun-to-be-around attitude with the world…your world.

As I have said more than once, whining, boring, negative slugs are out. “Happening” people are in. Have a great day making more people glad they know you. Go look for and then smell a rose.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at mike@mikemarchev.com.

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