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Little Things Work

I just got off the phone with a former business associate, who was casually reviewing his contact list (Rolodex) and came across my name. He took the time to give me a call. We talked.

After we exchanged pleasantries, I began to ask a few questions. I found out that most if not all of his new accounts resulted from informal calls like this one. He had no hidden agenda…just time enough to say hello and remind his prospect that he was standing by and in position to offer assistance when needed.

He confirmed something that I strongly recommend doing in my seminars. Whenever a name of a prospect shoots into your head, without apparent rhyme or reason, call that person immediately. This, as you know, happens all the time. You’re walking down the road doing a little window-shopping and WHAMO! A name of a long forgotten friend relative prospect customer or school chum enters your mind. Why does this happen? You will never know and who really cares. The fact is that your subconscious is delivering a message. Your job is to do something about it. Sooner, rather than later.

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When I speak to different people about this phenomenon they often tell me the same thing. Once they make the call, they learn that the person was thinking of them as well. Coincidence? Maybe. But if sales come as result of little things, and I believe they do, than it makes sense to consider this name thing as a good omen.

Contacting people on a moments notice worked for my phone friend and it works for me. There are no downsides. The next time this happens to you, make the call.

Mike Marchev

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