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People Need To Talk (GOPT)

Today is message #2 for 2019 and just like yesterday’s kick-off message, this one will be painfully obvious.

I was sitting at home one Sunday afternoon not long ago when I spotted a man approaching my front door. I live on top of a hill and we don’t get much company stopping by. The first thing I spotted was his orange hat…a hunter.

In an instant, I recognized this man as my cousin Richie on my mother’s side. I had not seen Richie in years and I was very glad to see him. 60 years ago, the two of us spent hours playing in the fields and in the nearby woods herding cows and climbing trees. Riche still hunts and this explained why he was in the area.

I invited him in for a cup of hot coffee and we sat near the fire catching up on the past 50 years while recalling many of the good times we share in the country. That’s when it hit me.

I heard myself sharing stories with Richie, which quite honestly did not have to be shared. And what’s more, I went into considerable detail coloring in all the background information. One story followed another as we passed “the mic” back and forth.

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It wasn’t until after he left that I focused on what just happened. Obviously, I had a bunch of stories pent up inside me waiting for somebody to “prime the pump.” Richie was my release valve, and I took advantage of it. The fact that he was interested and connected with my stories fueled the fire and the stories went on.

This is shaping up as a HUGE message as you begin the NEW YEAR. People like to talk, and in most instances they need to talk. All that is required is to find somebody to listen with interest—with genuine interest.

If you manage to get your prospects talking, I guarantee you they will continue to talk. If you show sincere interest, they will eventually tell you everything you need to know to begin a trusting relationship.

I recently proved this to myself thanks to an unannounced call from Richie. Now I want you to go out and prove this to yourself. Sales Rule #1:. GET OTHER PEOPLE TALKING. GOPT.

Mike Marchev

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